Spring Summer 2019

Poetry is the world's oldest and most fundamental literary form, a literary genre that expounds the soul as well as expressing social life, which full fill of the author's thoughts and feelings with rich imagination.

In the 2019 SS series, poetry, calligraphy and painting has been developed as the inspiration which takes Su Tungpo, Emperor Huizong of Song, and Li Qingzhao as the represents of the humanistic spirit of Song dynasty.

YI combines modern conception with fabric design to interpret aesthetic feeling of artistic conception of poetry in the culture of Song Dynasty from the perspective of the costume, expressing the artistic conception of life, delivering a better life style to independent, autonomously and wise ladies.

Autumn Winter 2019

The 2019FW design team continues to seek inspiration from the culture of Song Dynasty. Enlightened by literary giant Su Shi, we start with the artistic conception and implication of his poetry, and integrate the wisdom and literary talent of ancient scholars into contemporary fashion. Finally we give you the Art of YI .which runs through the Ancient and Modern Times, and mixes together China and the West. To combine the beauty of poetry with latest fashion, 2019FW New Season Series have been built up.